We service most types of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Garage Doors & Openers.

  • Tuneups – Routine Maintenace:  Garage Doors and Openers require maintenance to ensure that they provide years of service.  The Electric Garage Openers require specfic test to ensure that the entrapment safety features are functioning properly. Our trained Technicians now how to perform the test and make the adjustment to the manufacture requirements.
  • Broken Springs Replaced: Garage Doors may utilize either Torsion or Extension Springs.  Torsions are located above the Garage Door and Extension Springs are installed along the ceiling on each side the Track System.  Your Garage Door may have single or double Torsion Springs.  They are sized to the Height and Weight of your door.  You should expect about 10,000 cycles or around of 7 years before they break.
  • Cables Replaced:  Sectional Garage Doors utilize cables connected to the Springs to lift the door.  They may become worned or damaged which may break.
  • Operators Repaired: Our Trained Staff are able to repair most models of Garage Door Openers.